Ben’s Insect & Tick Repellent (100 Max formula) Review

Ben’s Insect & Tick Repellent (100 Max formula) can be found at most grocery stores and outdoors store. There are many other brands which work just as well. This one had 98.11% DEET and 1.89% other ingredients.

The spray bottle I found at my local grocery store

The spray bottle I found at my local grocery store

The bottle says it will last up to 10 hours and protect you from mosquitoes, sand flies, ticks, chiggers, black flies, fleas, biting midges, and stable flies.


The Good:

This insect repellent is extremely nice to have in situations where the bugs can be like clouds around your body (I.E. When disc golfing in Fairbanks Alaska the mosquitos can cause you to throw in the towel if you don’t have high DEET repellent).

This will prevent your body from bites for about 3 hours if you don’t sweat profusely. While camping it’ll keep me safe for the duration I stay at the campfire. I’m unsure if the 10 hours in incredibly accurate – perhaps in the labs.

Now another good thing about this repellent (and like many others) is it’s flammable. There were several times during some of my cycling trips it was nice to build a small fire, but the kindling was soaking wet from rain. I would spray some of the repellent on the sticks so the water would evaporate before the sticks would catch fire.

The Bad:

The bottle seems to exaggerate the length of time the repellent actually works, or maybe it will prevent against a certain bug for 10 hours. It does say “up to 10 hours”.

The Ugly:

The high percentage of DEET in this repellent does wonders for stunning the bugs, but comes at a price… It will melt certain types of plastics. I got too much on my cell phone display once when the bottle was leaking and the screen ended up breaking along with the casing of the cell phone.

The more often you use it the more you expose yourself to the DEET. Occasional use is okay, but extended exposure has been shown to cause neurological damages (naturalnews).


I would recommend this repellent or any other repellent with 95% DEET or higher, just be careful with what plastics it comes in contact with. I don’t believe the exposure is much of a risk if used in moderation – I have never experienced those problems.


2 responses to “Ben’s Insect & Tick Repellent (100 Max formula) Review

  1. Don’t fall for those ‘natural’ insect repellents! Nothing works like DEET. Just use sparingly, especially on kids. A little goes a long way. I like to use moist towelettes to wipe it off in my skin after I get inside the haven of my tent and before crawling into my sleeping bag.

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