Fat Biking in Alaska (with video)

What a great trail!

What a great trail!

I’m back, and I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything recently. I had a family emergency which caused me to be without my regular computer for some time. Now I’m back, and everything is fine!

Now for biking… I was able to borrow my Dad’s fat bike (an Alaskan made Fatback) and go off-road trail riding. I took a video and snapped two pictures to announce being back and ready to write more here!

The roads around Fairbanks are extremely icy at the moment so commuting from my house to town on any bike would be dangerous (I suppose that’s what I get for living out in the hills). I guess in the meantime I’ll just be enjoying trail tours near my house.

The trail ride was on the Isberg/Cripple Creek multi-use trail system directly off Isberg Road in Fairbanks, Alaska. The bike performed very well on the slightly packed down snow; it handled cornering at high speeds, fast descents were comfortable, and ascents were easy with no slipping (see video).



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