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What’s my running “fuel economy”?

So… I decided to nerd out again today and figure out my mpg running. Now take it with a grain of salt I’m not much of a runner, but I do it to help maintain my cycling weight.

As stated in my How efficient is it to ride a bike? blog, what powers a car is the energy the gasoline produces not the gas itself. This means the energy produced by the gas can be measured in calories (kcal).

Now, according to convertunits the amount of calories in a gallon of gasoline is approx 31500 kcal/gallon of gas.

When I run on a flat road with relatively no wind my heart rate monitor tells me I burn approximately 85 kcal per mile.

(35100kcal/gallon) / (85kcal/mi) = 412.9 mi/gallon = 412.9 mpg

Therefore, if I was able to drink gasoline without dying I’d be able to run 412.9 miles for every gallon I drink…


* These calculations are for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy!